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Rozhovor: John Carpenter (Interview in English)
publikováno 04.08.2007 Rozhovory

Rozhovor v původním anglickém znění s režisérem Johnem Carpenterem si můžete přečíst po kliknutí na více. Česká verze rozhovoru je k dispozici na tomto odkazu.

HB: In Vampires there is a character named Jan Valek who lived in the Middle Ages in the Czech Republic. What is your relation with the Czech Republic, do you have any experience with our country? You have many fans here. Do you have any experience with Czech cinema?

JC: My movie VAMPIRES was based upon a novel of the same name. In the novel, the lead vampire was Jan Valek from the Czech Republic. The screenwriters before me used this character, and I followed suit. I have no experience nor relationship with the Czech republic except what I see in the movies.

HB: My favourite scene in the Big Trouble in Little China is where Kurt Russell and Dennis Dun witness a big fighting scene with rival chinese gangs in China Town. How hard was shooting this scene?

JC: The Big Chinatown fight in BIG TROUBLE was actually fun to shoot, but time consuming. From what I can remember, we spent 4 or 5 days filming the sequence.

HB: At the end of Prince of Darkness, by the way one of the best horror movies I've ever seen, there is a moment where we see the whole dream sequence but instead of a weird dark figure it's Catherine who is coming out of the church. There are more interpretations of the end, which is one of the things that makes this a great movie. I would be very glad to hear your interpretation.

JC: I resist interpreting my own work to some extent. I will say that the dreams in PRINCE OF DARKNESS represent visual messages sent backwards in time from future scientists warning of what will come. Catherine sacrificed herself to repell the anti-God from entering our universe -- but in doing so, she perhaps became the dark figure emerging from the church. Another way of putting it might be, dreams shift, reality shifts.

HB: Recently I've seen Ghosts of Mars again and I liked it even more than when I saw the movie for the first time. I think it's not too different from Escape from New York, the only big difference is that it takes place on Mars instead of the Earth. When you were preparing this movie were you thinking about Escape from Earth?


HB: In the past there were talks about another sequel of the Escape from New York (Escape from Earth). Will we ever see another adventure of Snake Plissken?

JC: In the movie business, one never says never about anything. In other words, we'll have to see what happens.

HB: Halloween got a seventh sequel four years ago and the eighth (Rob Zombie's remake) is being prepared. With regard to the fact that the first original Halloween was made in 1978 it is pretty remarkable. Why do you think Halloween remains still so popular?

JC: Actually, Rob Zombie is preparing HALLOWEEN 9. I'm flattered and gratified that my original HALLOWEEN is still popular.

HB: From time to time you're classified into category of 80's movies. Do you identify with this classification, is the type of movies that were made in the eighties the most attractive for you?

JC: I'm delighted to be classified as an 80's director. As a matter of fact, I'm delighted to be classified at all.

HB: The last movie you directed was made five years ago, it's the longest pause in your film career since your debut Dark Star in 1974. What's the main reason behind the pause?

JC: After GHOSTS OF MARS, I decided I needed to take some time off from the movie business. Directing movies is physically and emotionally challenging.

HB: How do you interpret that horror genre is becoming more and more popular?

JC: The horror movie genre has gone through rising and falling cycles of popularity since cinema began.

HB: For a long time I was convinced that evil which a viewer couldn't see was definitely scarier (and partly I still am). A japanese movie Ringu is maybe the only exception to this rule because at the end it shows everything and it is surprisingly very scary, not that the monster looks horrible but it also works deeper on a psychological level. What's your opinion on the new Asian horror wave that influences horror genre all over the world nowadays?

JC: I'm a fan of Asian cinema including many of the horror movies. As for seen or unseen evil, I'm not completely convinced that not seeing something is scarier than seeing it.

HB: A year ago you were attached to 13th Apostle, is it still being developed? What about the other movie your name has been attached to - Psychopath? What can we expect from this movie?

JC: I'm currently involved with both 13TH APOSTLE and PSYCHOPATH. These projects are in the very early stages of realization. 13TH APOSTLE is a thriller, PSYCHOPATH is a horror thriller.

HB: What caused that in the last years Hollywood movies lack any originality (almost every second movie is a remake) and movies that are innovative are rather rare?

JC: Movies cost so much to make and about as much to advertise and distribute that studios are looking for the sure thing. Sequels are an easy choice. Innovative movies are more of a risk, but happily there are still many of them made each year.

HB: Thank you very much!

JC: Thank you for your questions.



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