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Rozhovor: Roar Uthaug (Interview in English)
publikováno 04.11.2006 Rozhovory

Jako obvykle, pro ty, co preferují rozhovory v původním znění, je tu verze rozhovoru s Roarem Uthaugem v angličtině...

HB: I've found very little about your movie on the internet - only a plot, could you tell me more about Fritt Vilt? What kind of movie is it exactly and what does the title mean in english?

RU: It is a traditional slasher film. The Norwegian title is a hunting term that directly translated is Fair Game, something that is allowed to be hunted on. As the teenagers are in our movie. Since there are so many films called Fair Game (and it doesn't sound very horrorish) we have chosen the international title: Cold Prey.

HB: I like the trailer, especially there is one great scene at the end of the clip. I'm curious how much of gore can we expect from the movie?

RU: I am afraid that there isn't that much gore in it. Although we have some pretty violent scenes and a bit of SFX. But it is not a splattermovie.

HB: What do you think is more important in a horror genre these days - blood or suspense? What makes a good horror film?

RU: I think suspense is the most important. It's suspense and enough jolts that make a good horror film. But some blood is nice too.

HB: Probably the only Norwish horror movie I know of is Villmark. I wonder how hard is to make a horror movie in Norway which is then distributed in cinemas? In Czech Republic it's almost impossible...

RU: It is not that easy. As we are quite a small country, with a limited amount of moviegoers, all our films are government funded. Previously the funding has gone through filmconsultants, which mostly have prefered films of an "higher artistic value" than what is thought of from horrorfilms. But now we have a new 50/50 funding, which means that if you raise half your budget from private investors, the government gives you the other half. This has made it a lot easier to make more commercial films, like action and horror.

HB: What are your favourite genre movies? Which one did have the biggest impact on your decision becoming a director?

RU: I love horror movies and also big actionfllicks, especially disastermovies. I think the first Indiana Jones had a big impact on my filminterest. But later it was films like The Omen, Jaws and The Shining that sparked my interest in horror. And the early films of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson was a big inspiration when I started out making movies myself.

HB: The premiere date is set for Friday the 13th (great day to release a horror movie!) in Norway. Are there any plans on distribution to abroad yet?

RU: We are hoping to get the film out to as many as possible. The trailer has gotten an enormous interest from distributors in the US and the rest of the world.

HB: If there was an offer from a Hollywood studio for making a remake of your movie would you agree? What is your opinion on remakes?

RU: I would love to see a Hollywood-remake of my film. Just to see how someone else would tell the story. And to see what the film would look like with a lot more money. I am not sure if I would do it myself, but I would definitely consider it. As for other remakes I don't really have anything against it.

HB: How big was the budget? Were there any case you had to improvize, to make the shot to look expensive but by a cheaper means?

RU: The budget was 15 millions Norwegian kroner, which equals about 2,3 US dollars. We tried to use our money where we knew it would get us production value. For example is the film shot on Super 16, but all the aerial shots are done on 35 mm. And we use a 2unit to do all the snowboarding shots. And the whole crew lived in the hotel which is in the film.

HB: Is Fritt Vilt, fully or partially, based on true events?

RU: It is pure fiction from begining to end.

HB: Now when the movie has been released are you satisfied with the result?

RU: Yes, I am really proud of the film. It is the first of its kind here in Norway and it has done very well at the boxoffice. It had the strongest opening weekend of a Norwegian film in years. And if our good numbers continue it could be the top Norwegian movie this year.

HB: What project are you preparing next? Do you have any plans at this moment or are you waiting for a feedback you get from audience who see Fritt Vilt and then you decide on what to do next?

RU: I have received a couple of scripts that I am considering, and I also have a few ideas of my own. But nothing is decided just yet. I am also quite excited to hear how the movie has been received in the States, as it is showing at the American Film Market this week.

HB: Thank you and good luck to you and Fritt Vilt!

RU: Thank you for your interest in my film and great luck with you website!



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