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Rozhovor: Adam Mason (Interview in English)
publikováno 22.10.2006 Rozhovory

A konečně vám přinášíme anglickou verzi našeho historicky prvního rozhovoru. Režisér Adam Mason se v něm vyznává ze své lásky k horroru a popisuje natáčení nového filmu Broken.

Obitus: Before we’ll talk about your upcoming movie „Broken“, please tell us a few worlds about yourself? Your filmography is full of horrors, have you always wanted to make movies within this genre?

Adam: I grew up loving horror.. Jaws to start with (i could recite the whole film aged six).. I was obsessed with stephen king before I was 10 and loved Dracula. As I got older, I found out about night of the living dead, and Martin, Halloween and Texas Chainsaw. It blew my mind all that stuff. It still does. I've got a taste for the darker side of life. Films like Angel Heart and Jacobs Ladder are as good as it gets for me. Seven, Straw Dogs, The Wicker Man, The Shining. Stuff thats out there and clever and doesn't fucking hold back. The opposite of 13 Ghosts and that shit they're churning out these days.

O: Every fan has his few flicks, that are perfect for him. I saw you in the featurette on the bonus disc of the Evil Dead Trilogy; which other horror movies has Adam Manson in his personal top ten?

A: Wicker man, Evil dead 1 & 2, Jaws, Jacobs Ladder, Straw Dogs, Seven, Angel Heart, Texas Chainsaw, Reanimator, Razorback. I've got to say The Decent was awesome too. Neil Marshall is going to go down with the greats I think.

O: Which movies from last years hold your interest and, in you opinion, are woth seeing? What do you think of today‘s horror movie production? We’re talking especially the great amount of remakes of old classics and asian horrors here.

A: Wolf Creek was fucking awesome. I think Rob Zombie has a lot of talent but should work on someone else's script. I was probably the only person in the world who liked Revolver. I thought Evil Aliens was great. Switchbalde Romance was incredible. Last year was a bit lame I thought generally though. I was really let down by hostel. Eli Roth is a wanna be actor, who likes his films more than anyone else seems to. I thought hills have eyes was great. I don't get why people aren't trying to offend. I have a lot of theories about horror which i won't bore you with. But i don't understand films like Creep. They seem to be aimed at 10 year olds. People go to horror movies to be scared out of their fucking minds. Why are people so afraid of offending? Surely that's the whole point? I don't get the remake trend either. All it shows me is a lack of new ideas and pathetic studios terrified of taking a chance on something fresh.

O: You described working with Jonty Acton (co-director of The 13th Sign) on your production company’s website. „Broken“ has two directors, too - you and Simon Boyes. Where do you see the advantages of this type of cooperation?

A: I produce and edit and write and do a bit of everything. When you don't have any money it gets really tough. When we're shooting I'm basically the line producer and 1st AD on set. It all gets a bit much - but its the only way we can get this stuff made. So it's easier to bring on someone else. Another set of eyes. Simon's a great friend of mine, and we go back a long way. We have very similar tastes and whilst I tend to go off on stupid whims, he keeps things grounded. Brand Mason - is basically me and my wife Nadya. She produces with me and acts... We've done over 50 music videos now - and just finished our 4th feature with the producers of Ghost Rider. I like co-directing, but doubt I'll do it again. Making a films a big collaboration anyway. You're only as good as the people you've got around you.. That whole 'a film by' is the biggest load of bullshit. A films made by a whole bunch of people, but for some reason directors take all the credit! Or criticism when its shit I guess. So it goes both ways! Broken was a collaboration. My DoP Erik Wilson made a massive contribution, as did my FX guy Tris.

O: Who first came up with the idea of „Broken“?

A: I did. I'd been working with the film council for a while on something that never happened, and got an idea of mine stolen and turned into a TV series called Hex. I was so fucking pissed off with everything that i decided to make something myself with no other twats involved... funded on the back of a load of music videos. Something that didn't compromise. That wasn't watered down. I'd done a short film called prey, and was interested in the idea of slavery and mental and physical torture... I like to put an audience through hell.... through the eyes of someone in a bad situation. Hopefully people will watch it and think 'thank god thats not me.'... Thats what horror stories are all about really. Its why the news is so popular... 'thank god that isn't me'... Simon and I wrote Broken in about a week. But we constantly changed it during shooting. I'm pretty happy with how it ended up. I like how bleak it is.

O: The shot took eighteen months and only three actors star in the movie. How big was the entire crew? Did you encounter any complications during the shot on the set?

A: We were about five people generally. Some days it would be a few more with FX and that kind of stuff. A lot of shit went down while we were filming. It wasn't a nice experience, and i hope i don't have to do it again.

O: It‘s very difficult to get money to shoot a movie (especially a horror) in our country. Where did you get money for „Broken“ and how high was the budget?

A: There wasn't really a budget. My wife and i paid for it on the back of about 20 music videos we produced over the period.

O: What’s coming next? Do you have any plans for next picture, or are you waiting, how successful will „Broken“ be?

A: I just shot a film with a decent budget. It doesn't have a name yet.. its kind of like hellraiser meets alien. Its got a great monster.. I want to reintroduce the movie monster! And the end is as hardcore and anything I've ever seen... I hope people will like it.

O: „Broken“ opens just in a couple of days at the „Dead by Dawn“ festival, so I wish you and your new movie good luck and lots of excited fans!

A: Thanks a lot - you too!!



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